FND Group, a fully integrated high-tech enterprise in the Air and Water Industry, engages in Research and Development, Production, Sales, Installation, and Post-installation Service for all our products. We are focusing on the global water purification, water safety, water crisis management, and devoting ourselves into drinking water technology for all human beings.

We have three R&D offices, including Shenzhen FND Air and Water Technology Development Co., Ltd., Jinan FND Water Technology Development Co., Ltd., and Shunde Hongshu Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. The Jinan office was built in 1998, while the head office, which is located in Shenzhen, was built in 2014.

In the areas of sewage treatment and drinking water safety, we have made the significant contributions by developing “The First Commercial Use Air Water Generator In The World” and “The First Water Purifier Without Waste Water”.

We have many patents in the industry of water technology, including water purification technology without waste water, and high efficiency modified molecular sieve filter technology, which are exclusive patents by us FND group. There are eight series and hundreds of products, which are widely used in homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, ships, cottages, hospitals, construction sites, mining sites, sea drilling platforms, warships, farms and for the army, etc, especially for rescuing use in natural disasters.

With the aim to “create the water supply for our future”, and to “provide the most economical drinking water for all people”, we are devoting ourselves to solving the global water issues by being the innovator and pioneer of Air Water Generator.