Where can I purchase the Acquarias Water Generator?

Please visit www.acquarias.com for more information about where you can purchase an Acquarias Water Generator.

How does it work?

Our water generator adopts the technology of condensing air into water using patented technology. After going through our proprietary water filtration process, it is safe to drink the water.

 How is the machine assembled?

Please refer to the included Instruction Manual for complete and detailed assembly instructions.

How energy efficient is this machine?

Our water generator is highly efficient, with Model F20 using only 1kWh of power to produce 2.1L of water. For Model B138 1kWh produces 2.88L, T36, 2.3L, and P50, 2.39L. These operating standards are under the condition of 80% humidity and 30 degrees.

How is the machine delivered?

All water generators are safely packaged to prevent damage during transportation.

Where is the most optimal place to put the machine?

The water generator can be set anywhere convenient as long as the machine has access to and is not obstructed from fresh air.