A New Water Source, Atmospheric Water

Air Water Generator, is creating a brand-new source of drinking water, and offering a solution for the problems of water shortage, water pollution, and inconvenient access to healthy and safe drinking water for all human beings. 

Product Descrip



Ambient Air-Water

External Heating for 100% Boiled

Convenient Tea-Making

Toughened Glass

Large Water Tank - 23L 



Cold & Hot Water

Carriable Size

20L/D Capacity

 Perspective Window

Fashionable Design


Simple & Highly Effective

TDS & VOS Monitor

400 Gallon No Waste RO Filter 

NFC Code Scanning

Micro Channel Heat Transfer


“Many people don't realize that water is already a global problem... and that this is an issue for this lifetime.  This is the answer we have been looking for”